Nebulas unofficial faucet

Closed because of abuse.

The purpose of this service is to provide everyone with a small amount of NAS, required to deploy and use smart contracts. Due to the extremely low comissions on Nebulas network (right now you can make at least 20 000 000 tranasctions, paying only 1 NAS as gas fees, which is roughly 8 USD), the amount required for starting to develop application is quite low.

If you do not have a Nebulas mainnet purse yet, you can create it right now, by pressing "Create your NEW NAS Wallet". Make sure to save your keystore file in a convenient place and remember your password. You will need both to access funds on this wallet. There is no way to recover neither of them.

Please input your wallet address into the "Your NAS wallet" field, write a nice comment to me and hit the button. In a minute you will receive 0.000025 NAS. This is enough for deploying around 200 smart contracts or make 1000 transactions. The market price of this transfer is less than 0.1 cent, so i hope you won't be an asshole and abuse it.

Please note, that i will not send NAS to wallets which already has some NAS on a balance. It is just a helping tool for developers to learn how to make DApps, not a source of free money. For free money please go to Nebulas Incentive program, make a simple smart-contract and receive 100 NAS from them.

Have fun!